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After long time no updates..Well, I need to wrote some stuff and arrange few of them.
Now, I got lil' spare time to rearrange SCANDAL gears blog.
Here's some recap of SCANDAL gears info's that I've been collecting until now..
Hope you like it. Enjoy..!! v^_^...

SCANDAL @ Gigs Magz

 Ono Haruna (小野春菜) known as Haruna, Haru, Haru-tasu. Born in Aichi prefecture, Agustus 10th 1988. Blood type A, height 153 cm. Lead vocal and rhythm guitar.

The Guitars:

1. Yamaha Pacifica 112 (Black)~33.000 yen

2. Fender USA American Standard Telecaster (Black,nick name:Shun-kun)~189.000 yen

3. Takamine Electric Acoustic PT Series (Vintage Natural)~120.000 yen

4. Fender Mexico ’69 Telecaster Thinline(Limited Edition 2002)(Aqua)~267.750 yen

5. Fender Mexico Classic Player Series Tele Thinline Deluxe (Black)~141.750 yen


6. Squier Telecaster HH (Silver Spark+Skull) Haruna Signature Model~60.377 yen (?)
    *The latest guitar that used by Haruna on their latest concert SCANDAL vs Budokan        
    March 28th, 2012,  were made based on Blacktop Telecaster HH. Designed with silver  
    sparkle and skull head, and equipped with solid humbucker. For the body, if it’s based on 
    HH, then it would be alder body, maple neck with rosewood or maple fretboard.

7. Fender Rock-On Touring Picks (Custom Fender Rock-On) Haruna 1.00 mm 
    (Guitar Pick)

The Effects:
1. BOSS DD-3 (Delay)~15.900 yen

2. Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET (OverDrive/Gain Booster)~35.490 yen

3. Fulltone OCD (Overdrive)~24.360 yen

4. BOSS TU-2 (Tuner)~6800 yen

5. Providence PEC-04 (Effect Controller)~54.600 yen

The Amps:

1. SHINOS Luck 6V ‘Haruna Model’ (white, guitar amp)~614.250 yen


Sasazaki Mami (笹崎麻美)known as Mami, Mami-tasu or Tasupo. Born in Aichi prefecture, Mei 21st 1990. Blood type AB, height 161 cm. Lead guitar and backing vocals.

The Guitars:

1. Busker's BSE (PastelPink)~9800 yen

2. Fender USA FSR American Deluxe Stratocaster
   (White+Stiker,nick name: Yuuya-Kun)~220.500 yen

3. Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster HSS (Black)~189.000 yen

4. Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster HSS “MAMI MODEL”  

5. Gretsch White Falcon Double Cutaway, G6136DC (White)~509.250 yen

6. American Vintage '62 Fender Jazzmaster (3-color sunburst)~195,759 yen

7. Italian Maranello Speedster II (Blue)~73.500 yen

8. Squier Jazzmaster.. used in SCANDAL vs Budokan's live concert. Mami's signature   
   guitar and designed with few paintings. Still wait for more specs details..v^_^

9. Fender Rock-On Touring Picks (Custom Fender Rock-On) Mami 0.73mm 
    (Guitar Pick)

The Effects:

 1. BOSS Chorus Ensamble CE-5 (Chorus)~10.900 yen

2. NOVA Delay (Delay)~47.250 yen

3. BOSS OC-3 (Super Octave)~10.900 yen

4. Carl Martin Hydra Boost (Booster)~13.272 yen

5. Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff (Phaser/Distortion)~15.540 yen

6. Fulltone Full-Drive 2 MOSFET (OverDrive/Gain Booster)~35.490 yen

7. Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-9 (OverDrive)~14.175 yen

8. VOX Wah V-847~14.000 yen

9. Line 6 MM4 (Modulation Modeler)~42.000 yen

10. Providence PEC-2 (Effect Controller)~99.750 yen

11. Providence PEC-04 (Effect Controller)~54.600 yen

12. BOSS TU-2 (Tuner)~6800 yen

13. BOSS FRV-1 (Reverb)~17.841 yen 
(updated! as per info on
The Amps:

1. Marshal 1960A (Speaker Cabinet)~113.400 yen

2. Marshall Amphead JCM2000 DSL50 (Guitar Amphead)~123.809 yen, Mami used 2 set.

3. Marshall 1962 Blues Breaker~244.702 yen


Ogawa Tomomi (小川ともみ) known as Tomomi, Timo. Born in Hyogo prefecture, May 31st 1990. Blood type A, height 157 cm. Bass and backing, lead vocals.

The Basses:

1. GIO Ibanez GSR450 (TFB-Tri Fade Burst)~10.000 yen

2. Fender Japan Jazz Bass JB75 3TS/R~115.500 yen

3. Fender Mexico Deluxe Active JazzBass
    CAR(Candy Apple Red) (Yuusuke-kun)~115.500 yen

4. Fender USA American Standard Precision Bass ‘TOMOMI Model’
    (Silver Spark)(Sabao-kun)~134.450 yen

5. Fender Coronado II (Koro-tasu)~162.945 yen

6. Squier Jazz Bass ‘Tomomi Signature Model’ (blue)
    *Same as Haruna, this bass used by Tomomi on their latest concert SCANDAL Vs  
    Budokan March 28th, 2012. Blue in color and also with Tomomi’s trademark stripe.

The Effects:
 1. BOSS TU-2  (Chromatic Tuner)~6800 yen

2. BOSS SYB-5 (Bass Synth)~13.900 yen

3. EBS MultiComp~29.925 yen

4. Tech 21 Sans Amp Bass Driver DI (Bass Pre-Amp/Overdrive/Direct Box)~45.150 yen

5. MXR Direct Boxes M80~36.750 yen

6. Fender Sub-Lime Bass Fuzz Pedal~16.225 yen

7. MXR 10 Band Graphic EQ~29.400 yen

8. Providence PEC-2 Effect Controller~99.750 yen

The Amps:

 1. Ampeg SVT-2 PRO (Bass AmpHead)~326.300 yen

2. Ashdown ABM 810 (Bass Speaker Cabinet)~224.500 yen

Suzuki Rina (鈴木理菜) known as Rina, Rinari, Rinax. Born in Nara prefecture, August 21st 1991. Blood type B, height 160 cm. Drums and backing vocals.

The Drums:

1. Pearl Masterworks Drum Set (Metallic Red)

2. Negi Drums Acrylic Snare (Purple Skeleton)(nick name: Raito-Kun)

3. Pearl P-120P (drum pedal)~14,524 yen

4. TAMA Oak Stick O214-P (drum stick)~892 yen

5. Behringer XENYX 502 (Analog Mixer)~9400 yen

6. Pearl Masterworks Drum Set live version (Red)
   (used on December 2009 live performance)
   *Bass drums (22”x 14”)~220.562 yen
   *Toms (12”x10”)~88.561 yen 

   *Floor Tom (16”x14”)~131.215 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Hi-hat cymbal (14”)~45.516 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Crash cymbal (16”)~27.455 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Crash cymbal (18”)~22,723 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Ride cymbal (20”)~37.761 yen
   *Sabian AA Series China cymbal (18”)~32.152 yen

7. Pearl Masters Series Premium Maple Drum Set (Pink Lame)
   (nick name: Angelina, Angie)
   *Bass drums (24”x 18”)~178.531 yen
   *Toms (12”x10”)~67.752 yen
   *Floor Tom (16”x14”)~98.176 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Hi-hat cymbal (14”)~45.516 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Crash cymbal (16”)~27.455 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Crash cymbal (18”)~22,723 yen
   *Sabian AA Series Ride cymbal (20”)~37.761 yen
   *Sabian AA Series China cymbal (18”)~32.152 yen

8. Negi Drums Acrylic Snare with pattern markings (nick name: Chris-chan)

9. SABIAN AA Splash Cymbals~23.500 yen

10. Pearl Masters Premium Series Maple Snare MMP1455SE/C
     (Red Lame) (nick name: Cherry)~59.850 yen

11. Cowbell

12. Pearl SensiTone Series Brass Snare STB1455 (Brassy Yellow)
     (nick name: Mr. Mee, Sensei)~39,378 yen

13. Pearl Masterworks Series Snare (Blue Maple)(nick name: Blue-chan)

 14. Pearl Reference Metal Brass RFB 1450 Brass Snare (Brassy Yellow)~95.550 yen

15. Pearl Rina Model 171A (Original Drum Stick)~1365 yen


The price is not fixed, it may changed due to any circumstances. Several prices are not the regular prices, cause based on the prices in several shopping sites. For Rina drum parts prices, I made an estimation based on the price in Pearl drums catalogue.

Same as the source I had on previous articles..
Mostly, thank u so much for:, for providing lots of information for most of gears above. Arigatou!..m(_ _)m..
And SCANDAL Heaven members for several infos..Well, it's been a while, long time no see, guys..hehe.(thanks sillentdx for several corrections..)

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  2. i meant taiyou scandalous. stupid me.. >_<

    1. Ah, sorry for late reply. I didn't put those guitars in here since it's only used for PV purpose. Well, those guitars are:
      HARUNA - Affinity Telecaster Arctic White
      MAMI - J Mascis Jazzmaster
      TOMOMI - Classic Vibe Jazz Bass Olympic White
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    1. Perri's Leathers White Leather w/ Black Music Notes Guitar Strap Perri's Leathers P25MN-1253
      Here's the link:

  5. How bout' Tomo's Schecter P ?