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SCANDAL MaMi~tasu!! (English)

My favorite member from Scandal, Mami! 
Sasazaki Mami (笹崎麻美)known as Mami, Mami-tasu or Tasupo. Born in Aichi prefecture, Mei 21st 1990. Blood type AB, height 161 cm. Mami stands as lead guitar and backing vocal. Beside that, Mami also could play drums.
What I like from Mami is her ‘calm’ nature and cheerful act off the stage. But when she’s on the stage, she turns into another mysterious and more calm person. Though, now she’s became more attractive on stage. Now, I love her more.
Thumbs up for her interesting guitar play and consistency to play part as a backing vocal for Haruna and Tomomi. It’s not easy to play guitar melody while singing different notes from main vocal.
Now I’d like to show you few from her guitar collections (I got these informations from a Japanese website) from the first day she learn how to play it until the recent one she uses:

BUSKER'S BSE (PastelPink)
Fender USA 60th Anniversary American Stratocaster (White+Sticker,nick name:Yuuya-Kun)
Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cutaway (White)
Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster HSS (Black)
Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster HSS “MAMI MODEL” 
Gretsch White Falcon Double Cutaway, G6136DC (White)

BUSKER'S / BSE (PPK-Pastel Pink)
Busker’s is an original Shimamura brand of music instruments. This Strat-look type guitar is cheap enough. They are six colours, and the price is 9800 yen. This guitar distributed with one set guidance for beginner. Mami bought this guitar along with those guidance too. Mami said, “I bought it cause I think its pink colour is quite cute.” These Mami’s BSE pink guitar is an old guitar type. The newest ones is BSE MC which body and the head had the same colors (matching head). The spec also changed. (The latest ones is on 2010). This guitar has tickle her spirit and she also brought it along within through her rehearsal in high school. She get scolded by her teacher, cause she plays it during the class..^_^

Fender USA / 60th Anniversary American Stratocaster 
(White) - Japan Limited Model
Mami get this guitar on January 2007. She shows this new guitar on the blog. Fender released to commemorate Fender 60th birthdays. This is 60th Anniversary Model Strat. This 2006 limited guitar uses American Series 57 Vintage pickups. The price is 220.500 yen (include tax). By the way, Aimi from Stereopony use the Fender Telecaster 60th Anniversary model.
Though it’s heavy, but easy to tune. Mami put a lots of sticker on it. It made her guitars unique and coloured with taste of nowadays girl’s teen. Days after days, the guitar became full of stickers. June 2009, the last sticker she put is Pipo-kun.
She kept use this guitar since early Shiroten Days until finally HSS Strat that became her trademark were released. She named this guitar Yuuya-kun, after her brother’s name. “It makes me feel comfortable. It seems that I was being take care by my brothers”, Mami said.
Without pickguard

   With pickguard
Gibson / Les Paul Special Double Cutaway  (White)

She use this guitar since August 2008. On January 2009, Mami remove the pickguard. It’s been used since their major debut on August 2008.  The guitar sounds more impressively on the Doll’s song intro. It appears on Doll’s PV. Though it also appears on Shoujo S CD’s, but it didn’t appear at all on the PV’s. Instead of it, Yuuya-kun were used on the PV’s.
It looks like the three members who use stringed instrument has been endorsed by Fender. Due to that matter, they couldn’t use Gibson’s.

Fender USA / American Standard  Stratocaster HSS (Black)
Mami use this since November 2009. This Strat guitar consist of maple fingerboard, one humbucker and two single coil. The price is 189.000 yen. With the rear-humbucker pickups, it produce distortion with more better quality. It matched with Scandal’s song character. The rehearsal for Christmas Live event, was her most exhausting experience. She practices very hard so she could develop her skill to a better level. (please read here).She plays one of her lead solos to introduce this guitar. Unfortunately, she wasn’t good enough to mastered it (that’s why she put extra effort on it). She also attach tremolo for her live performance. After that, she made same kind of guitar that has been painted (HSS paint version). She use the painted version as a sub guitar for her live concert. This black HSS had appear on Shunkan Sentimental’s CD cover.

Fender USA / American Standard  Stratocaster HSS “Mami Model” 
(Black+Paint Brush)
March 2010, Mami finished to working out the paintbrush design of this guitar using Photoshop. Mami said, it was like melted ice cream. Mami inspired by painted guitar of Takuya from Judy&Mary. By the way, Mami has graduated from a commercial design course while she’s on high school. For the painting process, professionally painted by Radical Brats Design.
The pickguard, pickup and the controller colors were changed into black. With lowered fret, the guitar became more easy to play. Don’t have to worry with the maple fingerboard, it was matching combination with the humbucker to produce better quality sound.
With huge innovation on it, this model known as ‘Mami’s Model’, and later became their trademark. Nomura Yoshio-a guitarist who’s well known as a special guitar collector-, on one of his show said that he wants this guitar design.

Gretsch / White Falcon Double Cutaway, G6136DC (White)
Mami bought this White Falcon on August 2010. They said that this 1962 Gretsch model is the most beautiful guitar in the world. On 2010, this guitar was re-issued. Same as Cadillac, this guitar offer a sense of American taste of pride which famous for their beautiful classic design. Gretsch is a luxurious guitar brands that conventionally supported, even by R&R artists lineup. It because the lux sense of it being matched with Cadillac car design.
On 2003, Gretsch is under Fender sub company. If we see it in a glance, it seems that this guitar more quite fit to be one of few private items for guitar’s collector instead for Scandal’s equipment. These Gretsch used for a live purpose, since there’s few Scandal’s song that couldn’t be enriched by using Strat’s only. It became her favourite since it had high and shiny level & character. It also had a powerful & strong distortion sound. They even said, Mami would be nervous if she didn’t held this guitar on her hand. The boundaries between the luxuries value and money bindings has tickle Mami sense as a Nagoya’s people. After spending few times back and forth to the music shop and tries to play it several times, eventhough she’s having a doubt, Mami finally decided to bought this guitar. It costs 509.250 yen. “It was the most expensive stuff I ever bought in my entire life”, Mami said. 

January 2011, when she’s attend her maturity festival (at her 20th age), Mami took picture of hers while wearing kimono, and attach her Gretsch on it. On this festival, Mami feels the spirit as the only Nagoyan who own the Gretsch. The elegance and formal mark of this guitar is also a quite matched with the kimono’s. 
On February 2011, Mami draw some picture to the Gretsch white falcon logo’s. And it became a white falcon catching fish on its claws picture. Was it the only final touch she thought of? For a while, Mami’s even thought to draw Daruma’s(Japanese round doll) eye on the white falcon logo’s. But, after she showed her friends the fish on the falcon’s claws picture, they seems to said it as a “Are You Crazy?”..^_^’(for further details, have a peek on this) 

                  Italian Maranello Speedster II (Blue)
From 19 songs performed at the final Dreamer Tour 2011 in Zepp Tokyo, 14 songs were performed using her own designed HSS Strat. Three songs were performed using Maranello Speedster. The songs were 'Hoshi No Furu Yoru Ni', 'Want You' and Satisfaction. It has alder's body with double humbucker (Wilkinson WVC Humbucker), maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. Also has a racing stripe and a little bit retro design. Reminds us of the old Italian racing car. Nick name: John. The price is £529.On Japanese currency is about 73.500 yen. (thanks to naksx from SH for the link!)

                                               American Vintage '62 Fender Jazzmaster

This guitar appeared on AniUta @Kitakyushu (February 2011), 
while they performed 'Pride'. We had no idea what the model was. 
Basically it's an American Vintage '62 Fender Jazzmaster. 
This is a 3-color sunburst guitar. It had rosewood fingerboard, a floating/locking tremolo. and floating bridge. Based on its website, the price is USD 2.399,99.
Though, there's two model that closely similar with this. 
Both worth 283.500 yen & 168.000 yen.

Squier by Fender / Jazzmaster (feat. Strat assembly) “MAMI MODEL”
(White+Falling Star Paint)

Mami’s first completed guitar signature, introduced on Nihon Budokan live concert in March 28th2012.
It has an irregular specification of three Strat’s single coil on a Jazzmaster body. The selector switch arranged closely like Jazzmaster, with control knobs that consist of one volume and one tone. As you can see, the bridge and tremolo on this guitar is Jazzmaster’s stuffs. The guitar has clicking sound that emphasized the high and low, and you can simply change it by using pickup selector switch. It’s said that this guitar would fit for the high-tone song. The rear pickup on the bridge was made in horizontal position like the ones on the Fender Jaguar. We thought this guitar was made as the Jazzmaster’s replacement, since this guitar used in Budokan’s live on ‘Pride’ song.
To conceal Yuuya-kun images, since 2011 Mami begin to use Jazzmaster, on the song that require single coil-guitar sound. And this Jazzmaster might be placed as a replacement for Yuuya-kun.
The good point is those strange paintings. If you see it from far away, it looks like a sprinkle (or a dirt) from an Indian/Chinese ink, but anyway, it’s a painted motifs of falling stars/meteor. A dreadful meteor stream like a pouring rain. What’s that all about?
Her reason to this is, “Using thin color would pulled out the smoothness of the body.” With the random dots and lines entangle geometrically, turn this painting into a CG artwork. Like her previous ‘circled paint’ artwork, this artwork would surprise us too and made us wondering, “What’s this?”.
It seems that Mami has made an avant-garde artwork.
Looking through Fender Japan’s guitars that made in Japan, there’s Jagstang (Jaguar’s Mustang) and Jagmaster (Jaguar’s Master) type. Mami’s new guitar is a combination of Jazzmaster and Stratocaster, so maybe, it could be named “JazzCaster”?
There’s few features on this guitar that closely similar with ‘Noko model’ guitar (Fender Jagmaster’s Noko of Shinsei Kamattechan band) that’s released in the other day, such as same single pickup type and simple control. Well, we could ignore the differences on the tremolo bridge.
All of three signature models that were introduced at the same time, seems are special models which is a cross breed of good things taken from their favorite instrument they’re using till now.
On the magazine, it seems the only signature model that were introduced with commercial significance is Haruna signature guitar.
Well, we’ll just have to wait for the announcement.

Mami’s effect and other stuffs:
BOSS / TU-2  (Chromatic Tuner)
BOSS / DD-3 (Digital Delay)
BOSS / OC-3 (Octaver)
Electro Harmonix / Little Big Muff (Phaser/Distortion)
Fulltone / FULL DRIVE 2 MOSFET (OverDrive/Gain Booster)
Providence / PEC-2(Effect Controller)
JIM DUNLOP / TORTEX Standard 0.73mm Teardrop (Guitar Pick)
Marshall / JCM2000 DSL100 (Guitar Amphead)
Marshall / 1960A (Speaker Cabinet)

Few things about Mami: 
#She began to learn guitar since first grade of her junior high, after her teacher in the dance school she attend suggest her to it. Previously,she interested on guitar after watching live performance of a her brother’s band. Her brother plays drum. The first song she played after learning acoustic guitar is Yui’s Goodbye Days.
#Her mother also loved music, and she’s a keyboardist on her band.
#She wants to play guitar and became an attractive vocalist in the band. She choses a striking guitar looks, cause she wants to have a cool appearance.
#After played I Wish’s song along with her friends on the third grade graduation party, she became more famous on her school.
#In high school, she joined music club, and play along with her senior in the band. She plays drum. They mostly play several punk songs, Hatsune Miku, Pretty Cure and Elle Garden. They also play their own songs. Mami gave her touch to their song while performing it live. The band receive good reception on their performances in third grade graduation party.
#She go through a rough high school life. She works part-time at Yoshino, and playing with the band in her school’s music club. She’d doing all of this stuff while practicing with her Scandal’s friend.
#Mami have a good skill on computer, have a level 1 certificate for mastering word processor.
#Mami’s way of learning is through click-ing on various Internet website.
#Mami’s close friend is Shiho from Stereopony.

Favourite Music & Musician:
Elle Garden, The Hiatus, Sum41, I Wish, B’z, J, 9mm, Mayu, 
Aiko, The Strokes, Hatsune Miku, K-On, DMC (Detroit Metal City), 
Anison, band beraliran emo, Morning Musume, 
Shoko Nakagawa, Michishige Sayumi, Abe Mao, 
Smileage, Momoiro Clover, 
Respected Guitarist: Takuya from Judy & Mary.
First CD’s Mami bought: Aiko – Kabuto Mushi


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  1. Gila yah.. mami-tasu gitarnya 20jt keatas, kecuali yg italia sama Buskers xD

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  3. Abi baca ini jd makin ngefans sama Mami! \m/

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