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Kodoku No Gurume (孤独のグルメ) ; The Solitary Gourmet ~Season 1~ (2012) (Part 1)

A 12-episodes drama based on the manga written by Qusumi Masayuki and Taniguchi Jiro. Broadcasted by TV Tokyo from January 4th, 2012 until March 21st, 2012. The main character is Goro Inogashira (Matsushige Yutaka), a man who privately runs an imported dry goods business. 

When it’s already lunch time, he’ll search for a good food. Actually, I love the way he eat. He made everything he ate looks so damn delicious..You should watch it! And what makes it more better, the shops that appear in it are all real shops.
My favorite scene --> when his ‘hungry-mode’ is on, the camera will zoom out on him..Dongg!!

Compared to Shinya Shokudo, the cuisines and shops on this dorama are more varied. While Shinya Shokudo is more strong on the drama itself, this dorama highlighted on the solitary protagonist of main character as he eats various foods. It's more likely a food review than a drama, I guess..@_@
Here I gave a brief list of places and foods from 1-6 episode. Along with screen-shot pictures from the drama. I’ll post in another blog post for 7-12 episodes. If I had more time...Bwahahaha!
Shosuke (庄助)
1.  Yakitori and Fried Rice of Monzen-Nakacho, Koto Ward (門前仲町、江東区).
    Shop: Shosuke (庄助).
Address: 東京都江東区富岡1丁目2-8 (Tokyo, Koto-ku, Tomioka 1-chome 2-8).
Phone: 03-3643-9648.


-    Yakitori (焼鳥): Roast chicken.
-    Hokke Stick (ホッケスティック): Mackerel stick.
-    Shingen Bukuro (信玄袋): Baked fried tofu with scallops and ocra inside.
-    Tsukune to pi-man (つくねとピーマン): chicken balls and green bell pepper.- 320 yen.
-    Wafuu Yakimeshi (和風焼めし): Fried rice – 700 yen.
 Washoku-tei (和食亭
2.  Boiled fish set meal of Komagome, Toshima Ward (駒込、豊島区).  
     Shop: Washoku-tei (和食亭).
Address: 東京都北区中里1-8-7 (Tokyo, Kita-ku Nakasato 1-8-7).

Cream Stew
-  Nizakana Teishoku (tara) (煮魚定食(鱈)): Boiled fish set (codfish).
-  Nameko no Miso Shiru (滑子のみそ汁): Mushroom miso soup.
-  Cream stew of carrots, potatoes, onions, and corn.
Yan, Chinese Home Cooking (中国ヤン家庭料理)
3.  Tan Tan Noodles without Soup of Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward (池袋、豊島区).
Shop: Yan, Chinese Home Cooking, 2nd branch (中国ヤン家庭料理, 2号店).
Address: 豊島区西池袋3-25-5 (Tokyo, Toshima-ku, Nishi-Ikebukuro 3-25-5).
Phone: 03-5391-6803.
-    Yaki-gyouza (焼き餃子).
-    Bansansuu (バンサンスー): vegetable salad consists of tofu skin noodles, cucumber, carrots with   
     salad dressing.
-    Shiru-nashi Tan Tan-men (汁なし坦々麺): Tan Tan Noodles without Soup.

Loco Dish
4.  Shizuoka Oden of Shin-Urayasu, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture. 
(新浦安、浦安市、千葉県),    Shop : Loco Dish.
-    Shizuoka Oden (静岡おでん); consist of black Hanpen, egg, fried tofu, Naruto (fish cake), and
     daikon (大根): radish; sprinkled with dashiko (だし粉): bonito flakes; and dried seaweed.
-    Gyuusuji-oden (牛すじおでん): Tendon.
Diner at Musashino-en Fishing Pond. (武蔵野園つり堀の食堂)
5.   Oyako-don and Yaki-udon of Eifuku, Suginami Ward (永福、杉並区).
      Shop: Diner at Musashino-en Fishing Pond. (武蔵野園つり堀の食堂).
Address: 東京都杉並区大宮2-22-3 (Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Ōmiya, 2-chome 22-3).
Phone: 03-3312-2723.
-    Yaki-udon (焼うどん): Roast noodles.
-    Oyako-don (親子丼): a bowl of rice (soy & sugar seasoned) chicken, egg and vegetables.
-    Oshiruko (おしるこ) : Sweet red beans sauce + big mochi.
Tonkatsu, Miyako-ya (とんかつ、みやこや
6.  Grilled Garlic Porkloin of Saginomiya, Nakano Ward. (鷺宮、中野区).
     Shop: Tonkatsu, Miyako-ya (とんかつ、みやこや).
Address: 東京都中野区鷺宮3-21-6 (Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Saginomiya 3-chome 21-6).
Phone: 03-3336-7037.
-    Mixed Katsu Set Meal(ミックスかつ定食) : Chicken katsu and pork katsu. (top: pork katsu, below:  
     chicken katsu)
-    Grilled Garlic Porkloin (ロースにんにく焼): Grilled porkloin with garlic.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Warning!! Do not watch this dorama on an empty stomach!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And thanks to earthburi for the subs and doramax264 for the drama link. Hope you're all enjoy the drama..Now, I'm waiting for the season 2! Hahahaha....~hungry mode-on~ v^_^..

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  1. I love the TV series. Also a big inspiration for daily cooking and a portal of japanese cuisine.

  2. Halo, saya juga baru nonton dari Waku2.
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