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Another SCANDAL guitars line-up!

After looking around for some detail on their gears, finally I could add some info of SCANDAL new guitars + Tomomi's Fender Coronado. Enjoy!..v^_^ 

Squier Jazz Bass “Tomomi Model”(Blue+Stripe Line), nickname: Brutus.
Tomomi original model bass was introduced on Nihon Budokan live concert in March 28th2012. It was made with the certain visual, weight and sound so it could produce a sound between Jazz-Bass and Precision Bass. It’s equipped with ’62 vintage model pickup. Body from ashwood, mapleneck and rosewood fretboard. Ash characteristic pushing out the strong and tight sound of the bass. While Yuusuke-kun is an active bass type, this one is a normal passive type. The distinctive bass body part, produce a good sound. There’s 3 control knobs consist of front volume, rear volume, and tone.
Body and the head specified as a blue color matching head. It has a white pearl type pickguard and also a Tomomi’s stripe design in yellow color.
By the way, until now, there’s no announcement yet from Squier regarding its selling on the market.

Fender ’67 Coronado Bass II (Red), nickname:Koro-tasu.

Tomomi use Coronado bass since February 2011. While Tomo looking for acoustic bass to be used in live performance at the acoustic corner, she stumbled to this bass. It’s a 1967’s vintage stuff. A unique semi acoustic bass in Fender history. A retro-looks Fender bass with a bizarre drifted sense. It’s  said that the bridge frame made from rubber. And they might intentionally gain the sustain to pulled out the woodbass sound-like.
Tomomi use flatwound strings, and that’s quite enough to pulled out the acoustic sound. The wood is dried up, and said it’d create a good sound. It’s hard to keep it humid, cause it's also easily drained. The instability of tuning and switch made the fret worned out, and need to be repaired.
She use pick when playing this bass, and it was used in the recording of ‘Very Special’.

Squier by Fender / Telecaster HH “HARUNA MODEL”
(Silver Spark + Skull Paint)

Haruna’s first signature model guitar was introduced on Nihon Budokan live concert in March 28th2012. “I couldn’t imagine playing any other guitar beside Telecaster”, she said about it particularly.
It has been notified earlier that her signature guitar would be a Telecaster. With the sound between Shun-kun and Thinline DX, this guitar took the best from both sides, and it’s said this guitar combine solid feelings and power.
With two humbucker, and level switch on the left side of the plate, it seems the specification is based on the Blacktop Telecaster HH that’s used on the live concert last year.
The flashy new design style is surprising, cause Haruna usually only stick to black color. The coating has the same sparkle finishing like Tomomi’s Sabao-kun.
The glittery sparkle finished is according to preference from foreign celebrity such as April Lavigne, and Taylor Swift.
Though it had rugged looks skull, but it has a unique design of growing legs that’s manga-like. Well, skull and legs should do that, I guess?

This guitar is a special piece that closely to Haruna’s favorite taste. 
Well, it’s been a while for a young woman artist to achieve her own signature model.” On the blog, she has been said, “By any chance, everyone might be able to achieve that too one day..”, but seems like it’s haven’t settled yet.

Squier by Fender / Jazzmaster (feat. Strat assembly) “MAMI MODEL”
(White+Falling Star Paint)

Mami’s first completed guitar signature, introduced on Nihon Budokan live concert in March 28th2012.
It has an irregular specification of three Strat’s single coil on a Jazzmaster body. The selector switch arranged closely like Jazzmaster, with control knobs that consist of one volume and one tone. As you can see, the bridge and tremolo on this guitar is Jazzmaster’s stuffs. The guitar has clicking sound that emphasized the high and low, and you can simply change it by using pickup selector switch. It’s said that this guitar would fit for the high-tone song. The rear pickup on the bridge was made in horizontal position like the ones on the Fender Jaguar. We thought this guitar was made as the Jazzmaster’s replacement, since this guitar used in Budokan’s live on ‘Pride’ song.
To conceal Yuuya-kun images, since 2011 Mami begin to use Jazzmaster, on the song that require single coil-guitar sound. And this Jazzmaster might be placed as a replacement for Yuuya-kun.
The good point is those strange paintings. If you see it from far away, it looks like a sprinkle (or a dirt) from an Indian/Chinese ink, but anyway, it’s a painted motifs of falling stars/meteor. A dreadful meteor stream like a pouring rain. What’s that all about?
Her reason to this is, “Using thin color would pulled out the smoothness of the body.” With the random dots and lines entangle geometrically, turn this painting into a CG artwork. Like her previous ‘circled paint’ artwork, this artwork would surprise us too and made us wondering, “What’s this?”.
It seems that Mami has made an avant-garde artwork.
Looking through Fender Japan’s guitars that made in Japan, there’s Jagstang (Jaguar’s Mustang) and Jagmaster (Jaguar’s Master) type. Mami’s new guitar is a combination of Jazzmaster and Stratocaster, so maybe, it could be named “JazzCaster”?
There’s few features on this guitar that closely similar with ‘Noko model’ guitar (Fender Jagmaster’s Noko of Shinsei Kamattechan band) that’s released in the other day, such as same single pickup type and simple control. Well, we could ignore the differences on the tremolo bridge.
All of three signature models that were introduced at the same time, seems are special models which is a cross breed of good things taken from their favorite instrument they’re using till now.
On the magazine, it seems the only signature model that were introduced with commercial significance is Haruna signature guitar.
Well, we’ll just have to wait for the announcement.

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